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Dylan Sage Three Months

There are several milestones between weeks 8 and 12. A lot of them have to do with how Dylan perceives the world, for me, it was the fact that I had to go back to work. This week marks the first week of work for me and the transition has been anything but easy. That’s an entirely different post though.IMG_0829

Back to Dylan. Dylan took her first round of vaccines like a champ and opened up a whole new world to her.  A world that she has been intently taking in at every opportunity. The best is that we go meet new people, see new environments, and experience new sensations and she just quietly takes it all in. Then later that night while in the bath or winding down she tells me ALL about it. The coos, gurgles and screeches (these were new addition in the last two weeks) are just so entertaining. IMG_0681

Tummy Time is so much easier for her now and you can tell she is just itching to move. We’ve taken to letting her push her feet against our hands to start the “army crawl,” and she is just so excited to go from Point A to Point B. She has also rolled from her tummy to back but apparently that’s just a “mistake” and she doesn’t really know she is doing it.

We’ve had a few nights where she has gone 12 hours (!!!!!!). If I can figure out how to get that consistent my life will be complete. Her afternoon naps have suffered a bit and she hasn’t quite figured out how to nap on the go.

She’s into reading books right now too. Since her room is an ode to our favorite children’s stories that’s a pretty good thing. IMG_0722

And since the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree — Miss Dylan’s very strong neck muscles also come with some significant tightness. We had to start physical therapy to ensure she doesn’t end up with a flat head since she has started to favor one side.

We experienced our first “real” pool this month, and I do not think she was too impressed.

Watching her learn these new skills is so entertaining that I could honestly do it all day.

T25 Beta: More Jumping, More Weights

We have completed three full weeks of T25 Beta and my honest reaction is that I truly hate Speed 2.0, especially when it is combined with any of the other workouts.

During these last few weeks, I was sort of injury prone. My left glute/lower back kept seizing up. I would try to pick up Dylan or just be sitting down and feeding her and a sharp pain would just run up my side. I ended up modifying a lot because of this. So the half tuck jumps were nixed and I replaced a few workouts with yoga. IMG_0738

That being said, I really liked that I was doing more weight and body weight exercises. The Rip’t Circuit and Upper Focus were a nice mix of core and duh arms. I didn’t burn as many calories during these workouts, especially Dynamic Core and Upper Focus because you are working more on your core.

Moves that I just never felt it IN my core: Twisting T-Lunge,  X-Lunge, and Shuffle Sprint Kick. I could have been doing them wrong, but I swear I was tucking my hips under and contracting my core at all times. IMG_0698

Moves that I loved to hate: Air Plank Burpees, Air Plank Burpees (one leg), Shuffle Burpees and Plank Walk Squat Pyramids. Obviously there is a pattern to these moves. I love burpees…because they are the worst.IMG_0768

Moves that I just flat out hate: Split Lunge Agility, Out +Out Turn, and Zigzag Hop. Anything that makes me moves side to side pretty much kills me. I don’t know if I need different shoes (I probably do) or its just the way my body works. IMG_0672

We’ve decided to start Gamma early, which means this week we are incorporating Gamma workouts into our Beta. This of course means that Friday’s double sounds horrific since it would be Speed 3.0 and Rip’t Up. eeeeee

T25 Week 4 & 5: Le Sigh

So I was all excited about my big weight milestone, which was a huge deal, but I still wasn’t happy with how I looked in my clothes. Not to mention that I attempted to put on a bathing suit and let me just say I am really glad it was just to sit in our backyard and take Dylan into the awesome kiddie pool Josh bought her.

it even has a little dolphin fountain
it even has a little dolphin fountain

I know my body just responds better to workouts with weights, so it doesn’t entirely surprise me that after a month of strictly cardio with some body weight exercises that I haven’t bounced back. Also there is that whole I just had a baby two months ago thing. I know. I know.

The other thing is that after four weeks of 25 minute workouts I am pretty sure I need longer workouts. From the beginning I was doing back-to-back workouts on Friday and getting through them as long as Little Miss cooperated. I just don’t know that I have time to get more than 25 minutes in. Her attention span is short…meaning I have to entertain her and I don’t really feel that comfortable jump squatting with her in my arms. She does think the jumping is hilarious.IMG_0524

I am also slightly bored. My workouts have always been pretty varied. Running one day, pilates, yoga, workout DVDs, plus weights at the gym. Following this kind of program lends itself to serious repetition and it can become monotonous.

We’ve added in our own yoga or a hour long pilates/bootcamp workout instead of the T25 stretch on Sunday and that has helped us break it up a little bit.

takes an awful lot right now to show off a butt picture ;)
takes an awful lot right now to show off a butt picture ;)


The last week of Alpha was pretty brutal with the three days of total body. And honestly that double Friday of total body AND lower made it a little difficult to go up and down the stairs.

seriously remind me NEVER to take a side squat picture ever again...my butt looks HUGE
seriously remind me NEVER to take a side squat picture ever again…my butt looks HUGE

Beta looms ahead and the integration of weights makes me really excited. The miss the burn from weight lifting. I also joined a BeachBody challenge group to keep me going.


Dylan Sage: Two Months

I am not entirely sure how we are at two months already, but Dylan is officially two months old. While these past two months have been the most challenging thing I have ever done, mostly because I can’t remember which way is up half the time due to sleep deprivation, but each day we get better at being with each other.

Dylan has transitioned completely to her crib for night time sleeping. And speaking of night time sleeping…we have somehow been lucky enough to get at least a six hour stretch. Some nights we get more (we even had an eight hour stretch recently but I am not holding my breath that this will be our norm quite yet). She basically tells us when she is  ready to go back down at night, and doesn’t really require a lot of rocking or soothing from us. Just a little white noise and a good burp and she’s ready for her crib again.

We had a few nights when she started sleeping longer that her diaper gave out. My girl has a healthy bladder and we had to start the testing process for the right size and brand for night time protection. Right now we’ve settled on Huggies Little Snugglers.

I swear she is growing like a weed, and is going to be taller than her mom before she hits puberty…ok maybe that is an over exaggeration  but  it certainly feels that way. I have all these adorable 0-3 month outfits that she hasn’t even worn yet and I am starting to get concerned that she won’t get the chance!

We spend a lot of time playing games and doing exercises. The other day I started introducing scents to her by letting her smell spices. Basil and Pumpkin aren’t her thing, but sign her up for Cinnamon.

She also recently decided that sitting up is a lot more fun than lying on her back. She needs assistance pulling herself up into the position and a little back support, but can mostly hold her head up and look around. IMG_0440

Her favorite thing to look at is her Brito Hug picture. All the colors just fascinate her. Her second favorite thing to look at is herself. I love catching her talking to the pretty baby in the mirror. IMG_0339

Her smiles are infectious and she’s becoming more vocal each day. She loves a good Caribbean beat and bath time is honestly her favorite time of day. Seriously the bath solves everything…she could be crying and the second she hits the water its like a totally different baby is hanging out there. She let’s us file her nails in there AND clean her nose. I am itching to see if this translates into her loving to swim. IMG_0432

I have one month left of being home with her exclusively and we are currently trying to figure out what our child care game plan is going to be. She has a spot at the local daycare but I’m not sure that is the best fit with our schedules. We shall see.IMG_0466

T25 Week 3: Goal Weight Achieved!

The title says it all…this week I hit my pre-pregnancy weight. Wahoo! It was absolutely a nice feeling to step on the scale and see the three numbers I haven’t seen in more than 10 months. Now we begin the muscle rebuilding and toning stage. I have a girls weekend scheduled for August and while I could suck it up and wear a one piece I am going to try to make it a goal to “try” to get into a bikini…even if it is a high waist one…REALISTIC GOALS PEOPLE!

I didn’t make it out for a run, but  we DID go back to pilates/boot camp on Sunday. Aside from the Fridays where I can get the workouts done back-to-back (and even then since its usually ab intervals I feel like its a light workout) this was the first time I was doing an hour long workout since having Dylan.

oblique push ups have been the death of me recently
oblique push ups have been the death of me recently

I jumped rope for a straight minute! Did burpees with a bosu! It was like old times and it felt amazing.

I do think we need to “clean up” our weekend eatings a bit, and I think the next few weeks will see a pretty major decrease in my sugar intake…I just can’t say no to ice cream.

All the working out and the lifting of a 7 week old (soon to be 8 weeks, how did that happen?) has left my back pretty sore. I was sent a Massage Track to test out and have to say it relieved a significant amount of tension in my upper and lower back. I am a huge deep tissue massage person and given the fact I haven’t even gotten a hair cut in 4 months you know I haven’t found myself on a massage table in longer than that. This is a nice substitute for regularly working out the kinks. It does take some maneuvering and a bit of coordination but once you’ve got it down it works.

working out the massive tightness in my body with massage track
working out the massive tightness in my body with massage track


So this week’s workout goals remain the same, get through all my T25 workouts, and then maybe try to go for a run one day this weekend. If we get brave enough to bring Dylan along for a workout we might go back for more pilates/boot camp…TBD.

T25 Week 2: There’s Progress!

I was “cleared” to return to exercise on Thursday, after my doctor said I was good to go, he then asked “how long have you been working out already?” because he knows me oh so well.

Second week down, and while there wasn’t any movement on the scale (let’s be honest I had two pretty significant cheat meals in there) my cardio endurance has certainly improved. At this point the only reason I am stopping in the middle is because Little Miss needs some attention. IMG_0328

Lower Body continues to make me want to throw in the towel; Ab Intervals feel like a “rest day”; and those agility with jack feet in Speed 1.0 make me want to cry. It’s possible that I am wearing the wrong shoes (currently in Reebok CrossFit shoes) and that I am on carpet but my ankles often kill me when we do lateral moves.

We checked my ab separation at the appointment and it was very minimal (HUGE sigh of relief). Since having weak ab muscles is a new sensation for me, I added in a 12 minute postnatal ab routine from Body Fit By Amy daily. I didn’t feel a lot of the exercises which is normal, but I could feel myself getting stronger — leg lifts aren’t impossible anymore.

This coming week, I am hoping to try a short run and see how I feel. Considering we will have double Total Body for the next three weeks, I am hoping that some of the extra weight will start to come off. I know that my body needs weight training to really see a difference, but I am trying really hard to follow the schedule, especially since I don’t really have all the time in the world.

6 weeks PP, 4 weeks PP 40 weeks Preggo
6 weeks PP, 4 weeks PP 40 weeks Preggo

Just ignore how tired and unhappy I look in these photos, just you know going off of limited sleep here.

It is hard not to get obsessed with the number on the scale at this point, but I continue to focus on the small wins…like the fact that I was able to zip up a dress this past Saturday that I couldn’t the Saturday before. That I have more energy and continue to feel more like myself.


T25 Week One

Ok, so after a full week of barre workouts, I decided what is the harm in doing the first day of T25? If I can’t do it, even the modifications, I stop and just go back to barre workouts and walking.

So I jumped into T25 because I am impatient. I survived though. On the first day (cardio) I made it through the first 10 minutes without having to stop and gasp for air immediately. I’ve been mostly able to complete all the exercises without modification, or at least start them and just do a few seconds of the modifier toward the end.

a double day (back to back) required modification. Dylan was focused.
a double day (back to back) required modification. Dylan was focused.

The hardest part has been getting used to needing to wear two sports bras because these post-pregnancy boobs are a pain in the butt.

I know it is to come, but I do miss lifting weights. I am going to keep on the path because I have seen results. I am 3 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight (though I feel like that is an arbitrary number because I was mostly muscle and I don’t think I am mostly muscle right now) but more importantly I was able to zip up a pair of shorts that I wasn’t able to about a week ago. This was really the ah ha goal since it is May in Florida and I can’t live in leggings forever.

Now I know the rest of the next four weeks will be a combination of the different workouts. cycling through on different days, etc. but I am really happy that I don’t have to do lower body AND cardio on the same day again. There are very similar moves in both and I can only take so many lunges and and jump squats.

Total Body was probably my favorite of all the workouts since it had push-ups and it was more of the style of my preferred kind of workout.

keeping Dylan entertained during the workout if she is awake is also a challenge
keeping Dylan entertained during the workout if she is awake is also a challenge

We set goals for July (when I go back to work) and I have Girls’ Weekend scheduled for August 12th, which will require a bathing suit. So I am hoping by then I will be feeling a bit more comfortable in my skin.

we're sweaty but energized
we’re sweaty but energized

This week is my doctor’s appointment and while I have been working out regularly for two weeks now I am hoping I will get the go ahead to return to running and pilates. I think adding in a short run will help me shave off a few more pounds and the pilates trim my waist where needed.

Dylan’s Birth Story

In honor of my very first Mother’s Day, I figured now was a good as time as any to share Dylan’s birth story.

Let’s go back a month, my due date (April 2nd) was looming and there was literally no indication that Dylan was going to be making her debut. At each doctor’s appointment we heard the same thing — I was closed up tight.

I kept walking and exercising, but I was getting seriously uncomfortable. I tried everything under the sun to “naturally induce” including spicy foods, primrose oil, raspberry leaf teaIMG_0061

and that special eggplant parm recipe from the restaurant in Georgia. No dice.IMG_0062

At my next appointment we started discussing our options. My doctor was on call the following Thursday/Friday and Monday/Tuesday. We could go ahead and schedule an induction based on what we wanted to do. We went ahead and scheduled it for Thursday, with the option of moving it and giving baby girl a bit more time to do it on her own.

Wednesday morning I woke up and just wasn’t feeling right. Dylan hadn’t gotten active the night before at 9:30pm the way she usually did, and there was a slight pain in my lower belly. My doctor called to tell me that he had everything set for Thursday and when I told him about what was going on, he asked me to go to the hospital for an ultrasound.

We got to Boca Regional around 11:00am and after the ultrasound found out that my fluids were hovering over the “lower limit.” Essentially somehow my amniotic fluids had decreased by 50% in less than 24 hours. The doctors conferred and made the decision that we needed to check in and induce right then.

I begged for food, got a nice salad, and then we started. I tried to get some sleep but honestly, hospital beds just aren’t conducive to sleeping. You also aren’t allowed to use the bathroom and just have to lay there for 12 hours once the cervidil is inserted…so I am really glad I had a good book with me.

Around 5am Thursday morning, they took out the cervidil, checked my dilatation (I was around 2cm) and said I could use the bathroom and take a shower. I don’t think anything has sounded so beautiful to me. The second I stepped into the shower I started having major contractions. It caught me by complete surprise, and I spent a solid 45 minutes in that warm shower. The pain was excruciating though, and I was begging for the drugs. Unfortunately, this was about the same time that a woman decided to pull up to the hospital and deliver her baby in her car, which required an all hands on deck situation.

This also started the influx of patients. Basically, if you were having a baby in the Boca area, you were having it that weekend at Boca Regional and despite us calling my nurse several times we had to wait.

I finally got the drugs, which were GLORIOUS, but I didn’t progress beyond 4cm in several hours. My doctor was now on call and we made the decision to move forward with a c-section. As it turns out, there was no way Miss Dylan was going to be able to progress vaginally. She was “sunny side up” and she just wouldn’t fit through that way. The procedure was pretty quick…I felt some tugging and then she was here. Our lovely baby girl who decided to demonstrate her pipes were working by promptly peeing all over the doctor.


Remember how I said everyone was having babies that weekend? Well that meant they were out of beds and instead of only spending an hour in the recovery room I spent the night there with five other people. It was miserable. Dylan was brought to us, and then no one checked on us. I had just come out of major surgery was exhausted and had no idea what to do with this new baby. I had to complain, which was unfortunate, but it got us a room about 8 hours later.

Once we were settled in our room we were finally able to fully take her in and relish in what is now our new normal. IMG_0093


The Postpartum Fitness Game Plan

If you know me, you know that I am incredibly impatient and like to immediately jump into things. So the fact that I haven’t been able to exercise the way I want to is killing me. I had these grand ideas of how I was going to jump right back into my fitness routine like so many others, but having a c-section makes that a little harder.

Right now, I am walking as much as Dylan allows, she doesn’t like the stroller and prefers to be carried…which is hot, sweaty and sticky, because we live in Florida. Again, because I am insane, walking isn’t cutting it…and I am itching to get back into an exercise routine that helps me feel more like myself. This isn’t about losing the weight so much as being more “Laney-like.” Though my current lack of muscle tone is scary.

The game plan as I have currently devised is the following:

Week 4: Begin integrating low impact such as barre DVDs and upper and lower body weight training where appropriate in addition to my walking

Week 5: test the waters with a light jog, continue with barre DVDs/upper/lower body weight training

Week 6: begin modified 21-day fix to help me build my strength back up (likely skipping the abs portions) I have my doctor’s appointment this week and will pray for full clearance and a better idea of what my ab situation is

Week 7/8: continue with modified 21-day fix with a return to pilates

Then pending how I am feeling I am looking to pick up either T25 or start from the beginning with Kayla Itsines’ program. Either one gives me the opportunity to do a quick workout while she is sleeping and at least for the beginning, the Kayla program I can do at home or at our community gym.

I’d also like to eventually go back to spin class and reintegrate yoga (maybe even the ultimate yogi) but I have to be realistic about time. Maybe on the weekends when Josh is home I can do one or two hour workouts, but right now we are focused on building back the habit.

It’s going to be a long road back but for me it is more about getting back into the routine of working out and being strong for her.


Things That Got Me Through The Last Month of Pregnancy

I had a relatively “easy” pregnancy and by that I mean that I was mostly able to wear my regular yoga pants, wasn’t in too much pain, and didn’t really start swelling until the last few weeks.

That being said, once I hit 37 weeks I was beginning to become seriously uncomfortable. I had a few things up my sleeve to help me.

1. Maternity Band — the compression helped my posture and keep my hips from feeling too much pain; I wore it all day, every day and when I wasn’t wearing it I could tell.

2. Compression Socks — aside from trying to keep the majority of weight gain in my belly, my biggest vanity concern was my feet going up in size. This is 100% due to my obsession with rewarding myself with shoes, expensive shoes. So I was careful to watch for swelling and wore compression socks around the house all the time and especially when I was flying.

3. Naps — with little sleep during the night, afternoon naps became a necessity. Also, it sort of prepares you for cat naps when the baby comes.

4. FroYo — every other day I was at our local frozen yogurt store because I needed it…sometimes it was an afternoon snack, sometimes it was a late night munchie.


*BrightLifeGo provided me with the belly band and socks to review. They have a slew of maternity and non-maternity compression clothes. Recommend you check it out for all your compression needs.