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Marathon Training Week 4

This week was an increase in mileage week. Not only did my long run go above 9 Miles but my mid-week run is now 6 Miles…meaning that I am in desperate need of extra time.

It was my first week of running on my new Asics Gel-Kayano 20 and it was honestly like running on air. My shin splints are nearly gone, I guess running long distances in the right shoes really does make a difference.

Monday: Rest Day

I forced myself to rest. It was really hard and I got really antsy toward the middle of the day due to a lot of energy.  Rest days are really hard for me.

Tuesday: 3Miles 

I’ve been trying to run the bridge on Linton just before A1A at least once a week. So today, I did a loop run so I hit it twice. It’s painful, but I am seriously lacking in the hills department and need to make sure I am building up that endurance.

Wednesday: Hot Yoga

Since my training schedule calls for three runs during the week, I haven’t been attending my favorite yoga class. But I wanted my mom to experience hot yoga at the Barkan Method. Amazingly, I think my regularly scheduled humid runs have made me less susceptible to the heat in class.

Thursday: 5Miles with the Group

Ouch. I am absolutely one of the slower ones in this group…and I am averaging 9:30 minute miles. At one point we were at an 8:15 minute mile and I wanted to die. I had to slow up and just be ok with running behind the pack. Something my competitive brain has trouble computing. I have a feeling that I might get faster when all is said and done. Also, running in the afternoon after a full day of work was pretty rough. I will have to fuel differently this week.

Friday: Swimming 

While this was technically an off day, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be running on Saturday or Sunday (we had plans to rock out at the Paramore/Fall Out Boy concert) and wanted to avoid two rest days in a row. I had been mulling over the idea of swimming as cross training for awhile now. I liked the idea, wasn’t sure if I could actually do it. I did a simple workout — 10 laps total and alternated between different strokes. I really liked it and may be this much closer to entertaining a triathlon. Just kidding, or am I?

Saturday: 11Miles 

Started a bit later than I wanted to. That’s what happens when you go out during marathon training. This was definitely the hardest run I have done to-date. I was alone, and my knee swelled a bit. It was concerning and later in the day I was having trouble walking. I iced it though and it felt better. I do think it is time to bring back the ice bath or at least a soak in the pool following all runs.

Sunday: Yoga Flexibility 

Since my knee was bothering me, I decided the best thing to do was ensure I was completely stretched out.

I am traveling this week. NYC at the beginning of the week, and California on Saturday. Getting my 12 Miles in might be a little rough, especially with the change in altitude.

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Marathon Training Week 1

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Workout Review: PurCycle

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It Begins: Marathon Training

I officially begin training for the NYC Marathon this week. I’ve been dreading it slightly because the humidity is just unbearable already and I know it is going to be hard. Like real hard. So I’ve signed up for a running group with Runner’s Edge in Boca. I start Saturday morning r[...]