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Weekend Eats: 3rd & 3rd

Since it was our second weekend as Florida residents we had a bit more flexibility with our schedule. This basically means most of the chores around the new apartment are done and we can start exploring our area a bit more.

On Friday, we headed to dinner with my BIL and soon-to-be SIL in our neighborhood. We decided to check out 3rd & 3rd. The menu changes regularly, and the drink menu was really intriguing (to me this means there is a good beer list for the hubby and more than one gin drink).

When we got there at 8 there were a few people ahead of us, but they couldn’t give us the standard “about 20 minute” wait time. I’m always a little wary of spots that don’t take reservations or provide wait times, mostly because there is a tendency for some people to get a little hangry, and I try to avoid that at all costs, but everyone was game so we went with it.

Sitting at the bar we had the chance to survey the space. The walls have eclectic art choices and it isn’t a really big restaurant at all. There is a small outdoor area in the back that has “brick-size” Jenga. The bartenders were all very friendly, and I got a little razzing for yawning before I got my drink.

I chose the Polo Match, made of gin, grapefruit and Campari. Quite refreshing and delicious.

We really only had to wait 20 minutes for our table, which isn’t bad at all for a Friday night. The menu itself is a bit small, but have enough meat and fish options to make most people happy. They say you can share the plates, skewers, and jams. So that’s what we set out to do ordering: grilled haloumi, gravy frites and crispy chicken.

Of those three, the gravy frites were definitely my favorite. They essentially take a meatloaf, break it over fries and drizzle gravy over it. Heavy? Yes. Worth it? Yes.

The haloumi I could take it or leave it. Nothing really stood out to me about the dish, and the crispy chicken was a bit mushy on the inside.


For mains, we ordered burgers, short rib and fish.

The burger was pretty tasty. The brioche bun was an added bonus point for me and the it was cooked perfectly.

The short rib was an incredibly heavy dish. The meat was fall away perfect, and it sat in almost a fondue-style cheese sauce. Josh had a really good description, calling it a “cheesesteak fondue.”

Overall, the atmosphere was great, the staff was friendly, and the food came quickly.

I don’t know that we would rush back, but if something on their rotating menu peeks my interest I would try to make it over there.

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Born to Run

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Getting Back Into a Florida Routine

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March in Review

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A Change in Weather Will Do You Good

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Snow, Cold & Fitness Motivation

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