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Dropping Down In Races

There was a sign yesterday that read “Bet you thought this was a good idea in March.” Guy with sign, I bet you have no idea how right you were.

Back when I signed up for the ZoomaRun Annapolis Half I was all about it. The weather was perfect for training runs, I was looking forward to some nice long runs. Then I traveled every. single. week in May. My longest run was last weekend and it was 6 miles. I was screwed and I knew it. 992021_10103599579096451_1805122965_o

On Thursday I couldn’t properly bend over, and despite a serious amount of yoga on Friday I wasn’t any better. Saturday morning I woke up with energy, but anxious. At the race I inquired about dropping down to the 10K, but KB and Shannon were encouraging about the half so I stayed. By mile two, I regretted that decision.

I just wasn’t ready for this. The heat was unbearable, and there weren’t enough water stations for a June 1st race. And the rolling hills? No way. My legs felt like lead and by mile 4 I was contemplating the turn around for the 10K. My pace itself was pretty good, hanging around a 9-minute mile, but I just didn’t have it in me to complete the full race.

When we hit the bridge I saw the turnaround and took it. I had the energy to keep going, but my body really just didn’t think it was possible. So I finished a 10K in just over a hour, which wasn’t terrible, but had I gone out for a 10K my pace would have been different.

I was supremely jealous when Shannon crossed the finish line for the half with a PR. I hated myself for giving up, but this is not 4 years ago when I could just run a half with no problem.

That being said, I loved traveling for a race again. It has been way too long since I road tripped for a race and I miss the excitement. KB, Shannon & I got our snark on majorly and giggled a lot (a nice girls overnight, if I do say so myself).

Kristin, Shannon and me at the start while I was still optimistic
Kristin, Shannon and me at the start while I was still optimistic

The swag we received from ZoomaRun was fantastic–new yoga mat? Yes, please! The lack of spectators and water stations a misstep.

I’ve got another 10K next weekend so I have a goal to beat yesterday’s time.  And now I am on the hunt for a half do-over. Maybe I will run the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half in October since I haven’t done that yet. It is pricey for a local race though. Or maybe I will head to NYC and run with my friends up there. All I know is that I need a do-over badly.

Has anyone done that one?


Running & I Are Going Through Something

I’ve had a really hard time getting back into the running game. At first I thought it was because I didn’t have a race to train for. Then I signed up for and got into the Cherry Blossom 10M. This triggered signing up for two other races…the Zooma Annapolis Half and the Capitol Hill Classic 10K.


These haven’t helped spark any sort of motivation. I keep making excuses, which leads to anxiety that I am not training for the first race.

Maybe its the fact that it has been rainy and cold (since it is winter and all) and at some point during marathon training I started hating the treadmill. I used to hop on that thing for a nice 3M run, now I can’t even bring myself to do it unless it is sprinting/cardio blast part of my overall workout.

I had high expectations for my hubby run-date on Sunday…it was 50 degrees, sunny and we were doing 6M. Since my new shoes haven’t arrived yet, I slipped in new insoles. They were OrthoLite and immediately my shoes felt lighter than when I am using my Surefeet.

I don’t know if the change was smart…because I felt like mt right foot was rolling differently and by the time we made it to the Lincoln Memorial I had to stop and stretch my shin. That being said, my shoes are WAY overdue for a replacement. I did like how light my shoes were, lately my shoes were feeling heavy and I think my pace picked up a bit more.

We were running straight into the wind on the way back, and that took a lot out of me. I ended up cutting the run short by .40M. Disappointed, but knowing that I was struggling and didn’t want to injure myself. And that has been the theme of most of my runs lately, which is why we are going through a little something.

I need something to jump start my love of running again.