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Training In a Warehouse Means Business: Legacy Fit

When your friends invite you to train with their personal trainer, and the concern is that you don’t puke you have high expectations. Mostly of yourself to prove that you won’t puke, but also secretly hoping that you get such an intense workout that it could very easily happen.

That’s how a personal training session at Legacy Fit in Miami was presented to me. Apparently the last friend that was brought to this workout puked and had Isaac, the trainer, concerned.

On the drive over to the gym for our double-date, sweat session, we got the low down. There are pitbulls outside, but they adorably snugly.  There can be a lot of sled pushing…and so forth. We pulled up and the gym was exactly as promised. A down and dirty, old warehouse that was turned into a two room gym. One room holds what looks like a cross between a crossfit wod and boot camp. The other room is set for personal training with astroturf, a few cardio machines and lots and lots of weights. image6

Also, their tagline is #nodaysoff, which really resonates with me, because “hi. My name is Laney, and I am a fitness addict.”


There isn’t a lot of A/C moving around, and you can get warm pretty quickly. There were four of us, and Josh went to workout with Corey and I got paired up with Lauren. We did the same movements, just with some more weight (for the guys).

The full workout consisted of: sled pulls running backwards, sled static pulls in an iso-squat, sled pushes, battle ropes, Russian twists with the battle ropes, partner sit ups with a medicine ball, and partner push ups with high-fives. The sled pushes did me in, and I needed a serious breather after my intervals.

image4 image5

My heart rate was skyrocketing and it was absolutely a challenging workout. I was surprised when it was over, and did feel like I could go a little longer. On the positive I watched a Dolphins defensive lineman grunt through his very tough workout and made me feel like a hardcore athlete.


Review: Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide

If you follow healthy lifestyle and fitness experts on Instagram, you may have found the fantastic abs of Kayla Itsines on your phone.  Kayla is a 23-year-old personal trainer from Adelaide, Australia. At first I was hesitant, since a 23 yr old’s body is WAY different than a 30 year old’s. But, Kayla also shares #fitspirations from her many, many members of #thekaylamovement and some are new moms, moms of three, and others who are living incredibly busy lives. We are talking abs for days, people.

Those abs!
Those abs!


So I went ahead and purchased her Bikini Body Guide 1.0. Her workouts follow a great interval format, in total it is 28 minutes of resistance training — two 7 minute circuits that you run through twice. You tend to do these Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Monday being a cardio/leg day, Wednesday arm/abs and Friday total body. The remaining days are either low impact cardio or recovery days. The full program is 12 weeks long.

Circuit Example
Circuit Example

I am a month in, and really love the challenge these circuits bring. In truth, I haven’t changed my diet so my progress isn’t necessarily the same as some of her other participants. Also, I haven’t taken my progress photo yet…because I am scared of photos.

Of course, my “low impact cardio” days are my Orange Theory Days, which isn’t low impact and just cardio, so my body is incredibly tired. I have a hard time resting, and was recently counseled that “yoga isn’t resting.” Maybe I can change that up for the next four weeks.

In all honesty, I just love the fact that Kayla didn’t see her nearly 2M Instagram followers coming. She was just a humble trainer posting progress photos of her clients, then she started answering questions, and THEN she launched her eBooks.

Orange Theory: 90 Minute Class

“It’s just an additional 30 minutes,” said a very optimistic Laney to her very hesitant husband just before she punished both of them with a grueling workout.

Ever since starting Orange Theory a few months ago, I have been dying to try my hand at the 90 minute class. In my crazy mind, I thought — I’ve done long runs that last longer than that! There is a huge difference between straight endurance training for a certain amount of time and strength/endurance/high intensity.

First of all, we got cocky. Normally we get there with enough time to ensure we start on the treadmills. For busy days we try to get there 15-20 minutes early. I can’t stress the importance of starting on the treadmill. There is something about starting in the weight room that just drains you so that by the time you get on the treadmill you just want to roll off. However, we were convinced that there would only be a handful of people as crazy as us. We were wrong.

Immediately, I freaked out. Then Greg told me it was a partner workout. SAVIOR! With partner workouts you are rotating the entire time so you don’t really burn your legs out with squats and then have to get on the treadmill. Essentially, you are doing the cardio push until your partner finishes a circuit in the weight room. Then you switch and so forth.

The hubby and I paired up…and I love my husband…but I am going to be honest when I say that he doesn’t get into the competitive spirit like I do. In fact, there was a time when Greg even called him out because he was leaving me on the treadmill.

The workout itself was incredibly challenging — lots of legs & shoulders. My glutes were also crying for a break by the time we hit the 75 minute mark.

We made it through the entire workout. It was good, I felt really accomplished. We then crashed for the entire day. I am not joking…that couch was our friend.

We weren’t the only ones though! On Monday at my regular class those who had also attended the 90 minute were still feeling sore. And we all agreed, doing 90 minutes twice a month was just crazy town….once a month is enough to push yourself out of your comfort zone.



Soaring with My Team

I am all about the team bonding. Sometimes we do it with a fry basket and wine; but I really love it when it involves some sort of funtivity.

On one of my recent trips to NYC, we decided to try our hand at aerial yoga. I love aerial yoga, it is an entirely different challenge because it has the potential to be completely embarrassing. What better way to build camaraderie with your team but do something completely embarrassing?

I did a little research and found Om Factory. With two locations (one in Union Square, one just  outside of the Fashion District) it made it easier to find a class that would fit our schedule.  We hopped over to Amanda’s class, which was a level 1/2…so my little newbies were a little concerned.

The way Om Factory describes its aerial classes pretty much makes it everything but intimidating.

“Everyone who enjoyed swinging on the monkey bars as a kid is encouraged to try out this fun fusion of yoga and aerial arts.”

Luckily, the rest of our class didn’t mind our constant need for hand on instruction and giggling. I was just a few days away from the marathon and was so happy to have us focusing on hip openers. I’ve always enjoyed yoga as an option to cross train for running, but aerial yoga truly gives me that extra lengthening. image (22)

In truth, I have always wanted to be a Cirque du Soleil performer — and aerial yoga is the closest thing I can come to actually doing it!

Watch us swing!

So we giggled our way through class and somehow convinced the instructors to not throw us out, and stay after for a photo shoot.

The studio is cute, and they have all sorts of other classes that I am dying to try. Yoga inspired by break dancing? Sign me up. Aerial Circus? One step closer to fulfilling my dream of being a circus performer.


Workout Review: Yoga with Live Music at Colony Hotel

Whenever I mention my love for yoga someone tells me I need to check out yoga at the Colony Hotel.  It is led by Keith Fox and has live music with a rotating group of musicians.

Know before you go….I went to sign up online, paid for the class, and then got a little confused because there was no actual way to sign up for the class. So I called over to the studio and spoke to Keith Fox himself.

Turns out you pay for class, but then its a first come first serve experience. That made me a little anxious since I heard people flock to this class and it can be seriously packed. Keith told me that they usually get about 100 people.

I made plans with my mom to go, and decided to get there around 9:15 to get a relatively good spot in the larger/main room. Class starts at 9:30 and is 90 minutes and follows your standard vinyasa flow. There are so many people around you but everyone is focused on their own practice that you don’t even really notice. 10562875_10105458930201931_2045322270_o

Sometimes I do like to watch for transitions and variations, and didn’t really get that in this particular set up.

heyyy pretty teal ceiling
heyyy pretty teal ceiling

The room we are in so pretty. There’s no air conditioning, but they keep all the windows open and fans going. So it almost felt like a hot vinyasa flow…you know since its summer and all. DSC_0031

The music was fantastic. I regularly listen to “yoga” music during the day while I am working.  Somehow its become my favorite background noise to focus me.

I can see why people swear by this class. I am going to try some of their other classes during the next few weeks.

Workout Review: PurCycle

When you think of boutique cycle studios you usually only hear about FlyWheel or SoulCycle. For people who aren’t spin aficionados they can be incredibly intimidating and overwhelming.

That’s not the case with PurCycle in Delray Beach. The best way to describe PurCycle is a Mom & Pop studio — and I don’t mean that in a bad way — just don’t expect to walk in to an expansive studio with bells and whistles. (Truth: I tried calling before I went the first time and both times got an automated recording that just looped.)

I wasn’t completely wowed when I walked in. I had to tell the owners that I was new and needed a tour or at least an explanation. The website said they use a Performance IQ heart rate monitoring system, but this wasn’t explained to me at all. This also isn’t a studio that requires spin shoes…that’s nice a plus for someone who isn’t sure they are going to get really into spinning.524529_262285090619153_1244077301_n

The actual spin studio is simple. There is a TV screen at one end of the room for the heart rate monitors (only two people in my class were actually using it) and the bikes circle the instructor. 1909187_267531066761222_1012292191_o

I took a Pur[Power] class with Jenny.  As described it was a HIIT class, and honestly it was. We got our heart rates up and they really didn’t come down. The music was really motivating, and Jenny was a great instructor. You could tell her regulars really enjoyed her, as there was heckling from the group. It was a really good class, and I felt like I worked hard and earned my relaxing pool day.10503405_10105358178169811_1546546397_o

They have a few other classes — a Pur[Energy], Pur[Endurance], and Pur[Cycle]. All are 60 minutes and range from focusing on heart rate to hills and sprints. A description of the classes can be found here.

The packages are cheaper than say Flywheel, but there doesn’t appear to be an unlimited option.  I might try one of the other classes at some point during marathon cross training time, but I am not rushing back.




I’m a Runner

*in honor of National Running Day*

I overheard someone at yoga today talking about how a friend “does yoga to run.” And I thought that makes sense. I enjoy yoga, and it makes me feel good, but it started as a way to stretch myself out so that I was running better.

My first memory of being a runner was elementary school. Our gym teacher decided she wanted to coach a track team. My dad was already a marathoner at this time, and little 11 year old Laney thought this sounded like a great idea.

It wasn’t what you call a true track meet, but it sparked my love for competitive running. Truthfully, I hated running the mile though. That President’s test — was my worst nightmare. I was a “sprinter.”

In middle school, I became a full-fledged track runner. I ran the 200M dash, the 4X100 relay, the 4×200 relay and  what became my favorite race…the 100M hurdles. I felt like some sort of graceful animal, like a gazelle, leaping over the hurdles. IRun2014goals

In high school, I broke up with running for volleyball and the newspaper. I couldn’t do it all, and unlike volleyball, running deserved a commitment that I couldn’t make. After that running became a way to “get my cardio in.” I had no problem running on the treadmill for 30 minutes, and would head out for a run with a sorority sister — never more than 3 miles.

I was first introduced to a true running community when I was living in NYC. There were so many races to choose from. And I became a competitive runner again.

I may dabble in other exercise trends — P90X, yoga, barre, and spinning — running is my true love.


Snow, Cold & Fitness Motivation

I feel like every few days we are preparing for another snow castrophy here in DC. It won’t be such a let down this weekend as for a few reasons (1) one of my biffles is headed this way for the weekend [hopefully she can make it]; (2) Season 2 of House of Cards gets uploaded to Netflix on Friday; (3) bucket list working “Dance Trance” could be walked to if necessary.

I find it hilarious that DC freaks out over the potential of snow flurries. Yes, technically you are below the snow belt but at this point you should be over it. Especially after this Winter. I also happen to be one of those crazy people who enjoy running on snow covered paths, along as there is no ice.

I also enjoy a heated yoga class even more when it is freezing outside.

Last weekend KB and I braved the cold and went to Zweet Sport. It was a different experience from the previous week’s hot yoga class, in that we were in a much smaller room and it was 98*. (Sing your favorite song with me.) I am still getting used to being the person in class who moves into headstands when you are given the option. I get self conscious about “showing off” and then failing but as one of my instructors said “you have to fail to get better.” I was able to restrain myself from buying anything despite the cuteness that were those capris.

Look how cute they are! I need them, just not right now.
Look how cute they are! I need them, just not right now.


Any way, I am looking forward to this upcoming long weekend, because that means I have extra time to do extra workouts and still get all the other stuff done.  As I noted above, KB and I are heading to Dance Trance on Sunday, and I will likely throw another yoga class in there as well.

Oh and if anyone is still looking for a fitness-related Valentines’ Day gift, or need a new pair of headphones. Those Koss headphones I reviewed back in December for FitFluential are on sale at Walgreens for $19.99.

Training for a Good Cause: Team Challenge

Way back when I started this blog, nearly three years ago, it was in part to track my first major race — a half marathon. I didn’t do it alone though, because I am not as fancy as many runners out there. Since I had a family connection (my dad), I decided to do it with Team Challenge

Post marathon with my Team Challenge Partners
Post marathon with my Team Challenge Partners

Team Challenge gives runners/walkers the opportunity to be part of a supportive group and train for a half-marathon or a triathlon while raising funds to cure Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis. Collectively known as Inflammatory Bowl Diseases (IBD), these debilitating diseases affect over 1.4 million Americans.

The group back in NYC (where I lived at the time) was so incredibly supportive and I didn’t dread the 12 mile runs. I made great friends, who I continued to train and run races with. Our race was in Boston, and it was such a wonderful time. I remember all the cheering, getting  my second wind at mile 9 after seeing my coach, and the necessary ice bath following. Honestly, that experience is what sparked my racing addiction and lead me to do the 9+1 with New York Road Runners, which I am finally cashing in on this year…(woohoo NYCM 2014!)

In the upcoming 2014 Summer season, participants will have the opportunity to complete a triathlon in Philadelphia or run or walk a half-marathon in either Napa, Kona, Jamestown, or Chicago. Team Challenge is made up of individuals from all walks of life-individuals who either have Crohn’s or Colitis, have a family member or friend with the disease, or people who just want to take part in something bigger than themselves and get in better shape at the same time. Importantly, patients of Crohn’s and Colitis have found the experience to be empowering as they can contribute to their fight for a cure!36094_406575884054_1824181_n

Seriously how cool would Kona be? Check out this link and learn more about Team Challenge! http://www.ccteamchallenge.org/