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June Goals

It is very rare that you get a new month on the first day of the week. It seems right that you should wake up feeling refreshed and excited about what could be possible this month. For whatever reason, that made me feel like it might be a good idea to make some goals for the month. I mean why not?

1. Practice yoga at least 10 minutes daily. I’ve been doing yoga challenges, but not really focusing on my yoga practice. I need to get back into that.image (10)

2. Get up early every morning. It’s summer! This means I have more daylight in the evenings, which means if I get up earlier and get more things done sooner I can take advantage of it.image_4

3. Try a new funtivity every week. I love funtivities, and right now is the perfect time to integrate them into our plans. They can be an active activity, or just a new adventure (e.g., a new restaurant).

4. Cut back on sugar. I’ve been really bad about the extra dose of sugar. I am going to try my darndest to limit my “sugary” snack intake to twice a week…I am talking candy and ice cream here. Maybe next month I’ll cut my fruit (but let’s be honest).SourPatchKids

News That Makes You Think: Obesity Risk, Lunch Shaming, Double Chin

The last two days has been filled with some interesting news items that has led me to shake my head, and go hmmmm.

A test that can gauge your obesity risk?

I come from a family that has often struggled with weight — we have one of those really unhealthy relationships where we eat our feelings. It’s a learned response….and while that has a significant impact on our waistlines it is a habit that in theory can be broken.

On the other hand, researchers have now said they can successfully link certain byproducts of digestion to the risk of excess body fat. Something we can’t change…yet. It’s possible that these findings might lead to more personalized interventions for people who are identified as “at-risk” for obesity, including diet, exercise or supplements.

In a study published in the journal, Science Translational Medicine, researchers note that obesity risk is driven by many factors. They include, “amino acids and muscle metabolism, energy metabolism, and [the] involvement of gut metabolism.”

In a not so shocking finding, the researchers say that obesity is complex and one magic bullet isn’t going to fix the situation. Read more here. Do you think having this information would make a difference?

Lunch Shaming

On my ride back from pilates this morning, I heard the story of the teacher’s letter to a parent regarding her child’s lunch. Then I got home and saw that it was on GMA. Is this really a thing? I know and appreciate the hard work that has gone into revamping school lunches, but being uber judgey about what is packed from home is ridiculous. Also, since when is peanut butter NOT a healthy snack? I’m pretty sure it is one of those “in moderation” snacks that is good for you. And another thing, how are you suppose to keep milk cool for lunch?

I'm pretty sure this lunch wouldn't make the cut
I’m pretty sure this lunch wouldn’t make the cut

Double Chin Remedy

Forget contouring like a Kardashian, and don’t you fret about bad angles anymore. The FDA approved a new treatment for adults with “moderate-to-severe fat” below the chin. The treatment, Kybella, apparently naturally absorbs fat, and has the potential to be a big seller. That is IF, patients are ok with the potential side effects including trouble swallowing or nerve damage to the jaw that an result in an uneven smile or muscle weakness in the face.

I can't tell if I qualify for "moderate-to-severe" here
I can’t tell if I qualify for “moderate-to-severe” here

Born to Run

At our wedding, my mother-in-law jokingly expressed a wish that my “athletic genes” would be more prominent in her future grandchildren, since her sons never really had a strong desire to be active. I never really thought much about what genes had to do with it…I mean I just had a stronger desire to play team sports and be active than not.

Then an article appearing in the New York Times this week caught my attention. It detailed a study published in The Journal of Physiology finding  genetics may influence our motivation to exercise.

If I had wheels like this I would be motivated too
If I had wheels like this I would be motivated too

So yes, the study used rats…but how they conducted this study is even more fascinating to me. Researchers at the University of Missouri inter-breed normal rats that had voluntarily run on wheels in the lab the most and then bred those that ran the least together. They did this a couple times, got distinct groups and then studied their brains.

Those rats who were “born to run” had more mature neurons, which meant they would be primed to find running rewarding.

Again these are rats and you can’t really make the leap from rats to humans…but its possible that there really are people who are pre-programmed to exercise and those who would rather not.

March in Review

Had a really busy March, which included a lot of travel, milestones and changes. So let’s start from the top!

Weekend in AZ: Where I learned hiking is not for the weak

A few of my favorite colleagues and I had the opportunity to attend Kurt Warner’s Ultimate Fan Experience at the beginning of the month. I will fully admit to completely geeking out while I mingled with Kurt, Drew Bledsoe, Larry Fitzgerald, Christian Palmer, Philip Rivers, and others. Almost every single one of those football players were incredibly friendly. I had one real mission, which was to get a Chargers hat signed for my sister…thankfully Philip was willing and I could continue my reign as “most awesome of awesome big sisters” without much trouble.

Best sister award goes to me
Best sister award goes to me

On our last day, Lindsey, Suzy and I got up early to hike a nearby trail. Lindsey had done the trail with her family back in November, or so she said. Turns out we were on the “hard” side. So that was awesome. At one point we were scaling a wall more so than hiking.  We took a few moments at the top to throw up some yoga poses because that is what you do at the top of mountains and then headed back down. I could absolutely see myself taking up hiking if I ever lived in a place where that was readily accessible.

AZ was a great "work" break
AZ was a great “work” break

My bestie gets engaged

The following weekend, I was back in freezing cold temperatures as my best friend ran the NYC Half Marathon. Her boyfriend (now fiance) planned a proposal at the finish line and asked us all to be there as part of the surprise…which continued into a surprise engagement party. We have traditions to uphold and each one of us has had the opportunity to celebrate our engagements with each other almost immediately. It is nice having those “major milestone moment” friends.

Standard "OMG she's engaged" picture
Standard “OMG she’s engaged” picture

I am convinced to run NYC Marathon 

While in NYC, surrounded by my biffles the peer pressure to actually sign up for the marathon reached an all time high. After discussing with the hubby, I finally took the plunge and signed up for the race. I am in training prep mode right now, which means I am building up my miles so that this summer I don’t injure myself. Amazingly, now that I am running three times a week again, I can’t imagine what I was so anxious about. Oh mind barriers.

The move is almost done 

We said good-bye to D.C. on Monday, and cashed in our one way tickets to Florida. This was of course after one last snow storm (seriously Winter??). I am currently enjoying working remotely outside(!!!!), running in shorts, and wearing flip flops (hello, pretty toes!). We move into the new place on Friday, and honestly can’t wait to just be settled already.


A Change in Weather Will Do You Good

Things have been pretty hectic around the Cohen-Landsman household. Lots of traveling and move prepping. This past weekend, I headed down to South Florida for apartment hunting and given the ridiculousness that is Winter 2014 a much needed weekend of warmth.

With the I’m focusing on simple short 4 mile runs right now. I am not timing myself or even thinking about pace. The whole goal is to just get out there and get back into running shape. Especially since I have to make that final decision on whether I will run the New York City Marathon in 15 days. I am still leaning toward a “yes” I just wish I could find some decent races to run during training season. We can’t do the Tower of Terror 10 Miler this year since it falls on Yom Kippur.  traveling, I had been pretty sluggish and tired, but  that high 70s/low 80s sunny weather  jump started my endorphins. “VITAMIN D I MISSED THEE!”

invincible Seriously, my body was practically itching for a run outside, and when I finally hit the pavement I started questioning why I had taken a break from running. Of course, come mid-summer when it is so humid outside that I can’t step outside without breaking into a sweat I will probably change my tune, but right now I will relish it.

In other news: we did find a new apartment (thankfully) and it has several things going for it. (1) Walking distance to two grocery stores (one of which is Publix, of course) and a future Trader Joe’s — really happy about this as one of my favorite things is walking to the grocery store. (2) Walking distance to a yoga studio — literally can look out my window and see it and according to Yelp is one of the best in the area. (3) In theory I can run to the beach — this is probably my favorite aspect right now. (4) I will get to have a dedicated office space AND a room just for working out…I am so excited to build up my home gym. What are some must haves?

The only down side is that there isn’t really a good gym close by. Will have to drive just a bit to get to one, which is absolutely doable, I’m just spoiled by having lots of options all within one area. There is an Orange Theory and Flywheel pretty close too.

Regretting My ‘No Marathon’ Decision

A few months ago, I decided to postpone running the NYC Marathon for another year. At the time, I had a summer filled with travel (that hasn’t changed) and a really busy work schedule (also hasn’t changed and relates to reason number one). Now with everyone’s training in full swing for fall marathons I am having runner envy.

Truth be told, I haven’t really been running that much at all. Last Sunday KB and I went for a “long run.” It was six miles, and the most I have run aside from interval sprints on the treadmill. So why am I still so jealous that others are training for a big payoff? Not really sure, other than I am just recalling that runner’s high I had when I crossed that finish line, because it certainly isn’t the desire to be running 16 plus miles on Sundays.

So some days, I am regretting my decision, but other days I am simply content. I am still looking for a half-marathon to redeem myself from the disaster that was Annapolis ZoomaRun, and haven’t found something that really peeks my interest. I don’t know that I even want to do a local one.

At this rate, I should just set my sights on a 6Miler.


Lululemon Pants Rant

The disaster that is Lululemon’s sheer black yoga pants has been all over the interwebs this week.  Business publications discussed their likely earnings hits…with quippy sentences like “it will hurt their bottom line” (oh you business reporters and your snarkiness). I didn’t  care so much because my black yoga pants from Lulu were purchased months ago, and are not subject to the recall. 00120065-0000-0000-0000-000000000000_469b5687-f4ab-4992-a2ac-46c322b7a161_20130319133432_Lululemon_031913_RF_300

Then the articles about how employees (and the CEO) are asking customers to try on the pants and bend over to see if they are in fact sheer happened. And the PR person in me shot up and cringed. Still all I wanted to do was help them out, because wow. (That is an entire different story, poor choice of words CEO!)

I guess I have become so loyal to Lululemon (I write as I wear Wunder Unders, Power Y tank and Daily Yoga Jacket), but what got me heated was a Washington Post article about this being a “fashion wakeup call about yoga pants.” Now, I am supposed to feel bad because I have chosen to replace my jeans with yoga pants? I don’t think so.

Jeans are my enemy. My muscular legs don’t look nice in them, so on the weekend when I am out and about I am in my yoga pants. I feel better in them. End of story. I am sure the Pixie Pant from J. Crew IS the perfect legging, but if I decide to go for an impromptu walk or yoga class I have to change.

I guess I am a little different since I work from home, but I resent the claim that I am an exhibitionist because I choose to wear them regularly. (BTW that label as an exhibitionist came from the actual reporter, NOT the comments) What is the difference between my Wunder Unders and a pair of skinny jeans? 130319093039-lululemon-yoga-pants-620xa

There is a time and place for your yoga pants. Of course I would never wear them to the office unless it was after hours. I would never wear them out to dinner when it is date night/girls night/whatever night.  Honestly, though you can’t tell me you would prefer jeans over yoga pants for your errand running.


Target’s Everyday Collection Campaign

It’s been awhile since I talked shop here (shop being PR and all things social media), but I couldn’t resist posting about Target’s Tweet to Runway campaign.

If have watched TV in real time recently, you may have seen those crazy runway-inspired commercials for Target, which I don’t entirely understand. I think it aims to make everyday activities…making dinner, cleaning your baby’s diaper “sexy,” but I really don’t know.

Well the bulls-eye company took it a step further with its Tweet-to-Runway Show. Here’s the deal: Target encouraged fans to visit the “Everyday Show” page via Twitter and post messages concerning some product sold in the “Everyday” line. Target describes Everyday as “the most intensely sensible grocery and essentials collection of the season”, which could apply to pretty much anything. Someone chose the “best” tweets, which were then read aloud by models as they paraded down the runway carrying the products in question.

Some were hilarious. Others reminded me that some people share too much on Twitter.

While I love everything about the models reading real people’s tweets (“dot, dot, dot”), I don’t understand why they are poking fun at their own campaign. This whole campaign centers around glamorizing everyday activities, and having models reading tweets while holding a jar of pickles…seems to I dunno go in the mocking direction.

See some of “runway show” here.

A Little Sappiness

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” -Jim Rohn

Women’s Health posted that quote earlier today and it got me thinking about my besties. So now I give you a sappy post about how wonderful they are.

My best friends at Janie's wedding
My best friends at Janie’s wedding

We enjoy a lot of the same things…running, reading, traveling and cooking. But we enjoy them at varying levels. For instance, Shari just left for a year in Southeast Asia (Follow her travels here.) and Janie is beyond when it comes to cooking. Our personalities mesh so well that it is pretty amazing. Marissa probably has the most positive outlook on life that I have ever seen and Jaclyn can actually tolerate the most annoying of people (I consider this a huge accomplishment).

Marissa's birthday limo ride
Marissa’s birthday limo ride

We can be in the mood to dance and never leave Janie’s apartment because the 90s channel is just oh so good. We travel to exciting places or we just sit, eat and talk for hours on end.

Shari's wedding
Shari’s wedding

They are honestly some of the best people I have ever met.



A little taste of mommyhood

I got a little taste of what it might be like to be a working mom this week. I took two “half-days” to spend time with one of my favorite little people in the entire world.

While we played on the playground, colored, blew bubbles, and watched Super Why (I can’t figure this show out and it really bothers me that they change the fairy tales) I watched my phone from afar light up with emails. That first evening I spent a good four hours after dinner wrapping  a few items up, and I was exhausted. I knew deep down that when my alarm went off in the morning to exercise it wasn’t going to happen.

Then on Friday, we had a mini-fire drill that pushed me back a few hours and meant that I took calls on the playground. Luckily, my clients understood and my little bundle of fun didn’t get too angry with me when I asked her to color while Aunt Laney took a call. (We were inside then, I wouldn’t have taken my eyes off her I swear.)

It was tough, and I was giving her back after a few hours!

I honestly don’t know how you do it AND keep an active lifestyle. That juggling just doesn’t feel like it is humanly possible. So seriously, more power to you..and when the time comes (MANY moons from now) I am going to want those tips.

And now some cuteness…