Last week on my favorite fitness inspiration show (The Biggest Loser), Bob was wearing a shirt that read “three days on, one day off, 365 days,” and I thought isn’t that an interesting perspective.

Shirt created by Life as Rx
Shirt created by Life as Rx


I am by no means a cross fitter fanatic. I just haven’t been able to get into it like so many of the people around me have. I think it is the commitment to the times…seriously that’s the only reason Josh and I didn’t do it after we tried it last year. But the “no off season” concept is really intriguing.

I never realized I had a running “off season” until recently when I found myself NOT running during the winter and just recently feeling the desire to get out there. Now I have spring/summer races on the schedule and the more mild-temperatures are motivating me to run.

So why can’t my normal exercise routine take on that same system? Even if my third day becomes a yoga day because my body is just too tired, I like the idea of that being a goal. It makes it more attainable than working out 5 days in a row.

Weight Loss

In other news, when I was with my trainer we did another one of those BMI, body percentage calculator thingies. He was shocked when the little thing showed the results. I wasn’t shocked. It is the same thing I have been dealing with. I am pretty toned, solid muscle, but I am a petite lady, which means I bulk and don’t become lean.

I bought the Petite Advantage Diet a few months ago and didn’t really use it because it called for meat and I wasn’t eating it then. Now I am thinking about trying to follow it more closely. The only problem is that means almost separate grocery lists for me and hubby (who is absolutely not a petite person). He’s on a healthy/weight loss kick too right now so it helps a bit, but how do you actually plan the meals like that? Dinner especially.

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