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March 31st, 2013 - 2:17 pm § in Exercise, Wellness

Weekend Warrior: Mind Prep for the Week

To put it in spinning terms…I’ve been on a slow steep climb up a massive mountain at work. There is a specific project that has been a year in the making and we are about to hit the peak and begin the incredibly speedy ride down. My days have been long, and my weeks even […][...]

March 27th, 2013 - 8:15 am § in Exercise, Wellness

Making a Runner Out of Him

Today’s post comes courtesy of my husband, someone I am determined to make a runner.  When my wife asked I wanted to review the latest and greatest shoe from Saucony, the Virrata , I was filled with mixed emotions.  I was excited to have the opportunity, but was nervous, because I’m [...]

March 25th, 2013 - 8:15 am § in Exercise, Workout Reviews

Down Doggin It

Sundays are my favorite days to have “me days.” There is usually some pampering, but my absolute favorite thing is exercising for multiple hours. I know that sounds strange, but I’ve gotten really good at shutting off when I am working out. I focus on the moment and whatever ridicu[...]

March 22nd, 2013 - 8:48 am § in Running Through My Mind

Lululemon Pants Rant

The disaster that is Lululemon’s sheer black yoga pants has been all over the interwebs this week.  Business publications discussed their likely earnings hits…with quippy sentences like “it will hurt their bottom line” (oh you business reporters and your snarkiness). I didn[...]

March 19th, 2013 - 11:30 am § in Exercise, Wellness

No Off Season

Last week on my favorite fitness inspiration show (The Biggest Loser), Bob was wearing a shirt that read “three days on, one day off, 365 days,” and I thought isn’t that an interesting perspective. I am by no means a cross fitter fanatic. I just haven’t been able to get into [...]

March 14th, 2013 - 8:45 am § in Wellness

Having One of Those Weeks

I’m having one of those weeks. You know the kind where no matter how hard you push yourself (in work and in life) you don’t feel like you are crossing off anything on your to-do list?   I knew the weeks leading up to April were going to be rough. I have a client expecting […][...]

March 7th, 2013 - 8:25 am § in Exercise, Wellness

Sleeping Patterns & Exercise

I have a cut off for exercise. If I haven’t done it by 7:30 pm then it just isn’t going to happen that day.  It just gets too complicated with eating dinner and getting home to shower and all that jazz. Plus I was convinced that if I exercised too close to bedtime (and I […][...]

March 5th, 2013 - 8:28 am § in Food, Wellness

It’s Nutrition Month!

When I was working on a campaign for a diet company, we tagged March as the month diets die.  February is just disgusting when it comes to weather and  keeping track of what you are putting in your body has just become tedious. So it seems perfect that March is National Nutrition Month. You are [&[...]