I could write ad nauseam about 2013 fitness goals. I want to do this PR and lose X inches around my waist. But let’s be real. I need to focus. And there are a few yoga positions that have just been plaguing me and I want 2013 to be the year I conquer them.

1. Handstand: I can very easily get into this position if I am up against a wall…I mean who can’t? What I really want to do, it come into Bound Headstand and then move into some sort of variation. The one where one leg comes forward and the other goes behind. That’s my ultimate goal. I think it is so pretty. Is that a reason to want to do a yoga pose?

One of these fancy variations will do just fine too
See? It is pretty

2. Side Crow: (Honestly regular crow too.) I can hold Crow pose for a few beats and then I need to rock out of it. I can’t get into side crow ever. I have relatively decent arm strength (or at least I think I do) so I feel like this has to boil down to balance and moving into the pose correctly (for both crow and side crow).

She looks so fancy

So really I want to focus on balance poses. I think I will need to head into the studio more to get adjusted and have someone help me hit these goals.

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